John Mark Molyneux joined the leadership team in 2006. John Mark is married to Izaan. They have two children. Contact: 07973623889


Malc Gaywood joined the leadership team in 2017. Malc is father to five, a primary school teacher, and is married to Donna. They live in Warmley.

Anthony Bolton joined the leadership in 2017.  Anthony is married to Lina, and has two children. He works in an IT company and they live in Keynsham.

The leadership team is supported by a team of ministry team leaders covering the following areas:

Finance, Admin & Building Outreach
John Mark Molyneux
Penny Waller
John Mark Molyneux
Anthony Bolton
Donna Gaywood
Youth & Sunday School Social & Events
Doug Campbell
Malc Gaywood
Communication, Advertising & Social Media
Mandy Miles